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What is E.S.A.?

E.S.A. (European Suiseki* Association) is a non-profit educational organization, advances the ancient and living art of suiseki and related arts through the global sharing of knowledge. We educate while promoting international friendship and solidify world relationships through cooperation with individuals and organizations whose purpose is consistent with ours.

“The objects of the Association shall be to promote Suiseki art and stone appreciation generally; this may be done by acting as stimulus to its members, through teaching all aspects of the art and science of suiseki; promoting suiseki to the general public; organising meetings, exhibitions and publications.” (Art.2, E.S.A statues)

E.S.A. organizes mostly in cooperation with E.B.A. every year  a convention and an exhibition in one of the European cities. This exhibition presents the exponates of ESA members. Besides the exhibition also the Annual General Meeting takes place.

ESA Board members 2014

1. President

Igor Bárta
Janovická Lhota 2
28504 Uhlírské Janovice,
Czech Rep.
email: igor.barta@centrum.cz

2. Vice President

Vito Di Venere
Via Martin Luther King, 57
I – 70124 Bari
Tel: 080-5 61 36 48, email: vdivnere@yahoo.it

3. Secretary

Ella Gornerova
Sokolska 8
81104 Bratislava
Slovak Rep.
email:ellagor1@gmail.com, Tel: +421-903427539

4. Treasurer
Marco Petruzzelli
Via Montesanto No. 3
70131 Carbonara (Bari)
e-mail: inzone@libero.it

5. Deputy Secretary

Gudrun Benz
Karlsruher Str. 101
D 68775 Ketsch
Tel: +49-(0)6202-608073, fax: +49-(0)6202-65901
Email: Benz-W@t-online.de

6. ESA Member of Board

Christoph Daim
Geschwandergasse 36a/5
1170 Wien
email: c.daim@gmx.at

7. ESA Member of Board

Luciana Queirolo
via Ghiarettolo 95
19038 Sarzana
email: pietredarte@libero.it